Drs. Cevdet Acarsoy aims create a secure space where you experience a sense of acceptance without judgment. His primary focus is on listening to your unique story, fostering an environment of equality and collaboration. In sessions, Drs. Cevdet Acarsoy views both you and himself as experts, with you being the specialist of your life and him as a psychology expert. He commits to respecting your boundaries, moving at your pace, and embracing imperfections while utilizing effective techniques. His approach involves crafting a treatment plan collaboratively, which can be adapted as therapy progresses. Encouragement is given to express all emotions about therapy. Drs. Cevdet Acarsoy’s ultimate goal is to enhance your self-awareness, provide coping strategies, and facilitate personal growth by shedding light on your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. The process aims to empower your well-being and promote unlearning of unhelpful patterns, fostering a meaningful therapeutic journey.