Sanus Psychology Practice is led by Drs. Cevdet Acarsoy, a clinical psychologist and therapist with extensive experience in various evidence-based therapeutic approaches. His educational background includes a B.Sc. in Psychology, along with two M.Sc. degrees in Clinical Psychology (cum laude) and Epidemiology. Dedicated to staying at the forefront of scientific research while bridging it with practical application, he is on the verge of completing a Ph.D.

Drs. Acarsoy is a certified Schema Therapist, NIP Psychologist and advanced EMDR practitioner, enabling the provision of evidence-based therapies. Having experienced life as an expat, he possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by those living in a foreign country.

His therapeutic approach revolves around creating a secure and collaborative environment for clients to explore emotions and challenges. With a commitment to applying the latest psychological insights in a practical and compassionate manner, his primary goal is to assist clients in achieving personal growth and navigating life’s complexities with enhanced resilience. More information