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Young Positive Schema Questionnaire

Instructions: Listed below are statements that people might use to describe themselves. Please read each statement, then rate it based on how accurately it fits you over the past year. When you are not sure, base your answer on what you emotionally feel, not on what you think to be true.

1.I like to do well but don’t have to be the best.
2.I don’t cling to the people I’m close to because I’m confident that they won’t leave me.
3.I usually fit in with others.
4.I’m confident that there is a man/woman I desire who would continue to love me, even if he/she saw my weaknesses.
5.When it comes to work (or school), I usually do as well as, or better than, other people.
6.I feel capable of getting by on my own in everyday life.
7.I usually feel that I’m not in any danger and that things will be OK.
8.I have been able to separate from my parent(s) and become an independent person, as much as most other people my age.
9.I’m usually comfortable showing my positive feelings to others (e.g., physical affection, telling people I care about them) when I want to.
10.I’m usually realistic when it comes to expectations for myself; I don’t have to be among the best to be satisfied with what I’ve done.
11.I’m usually able to discipline myself to complete routine or boring tasks.
12.If I make a mistake, I can usually forgive myself; I don’t feel that I deserve to be punished.
13.I am usually OK with not getting my way in a group decision.
14.I value my own accomplishments even when other people don’t notice them.
15.When it comes to achievement, I consider myself a competent person.
16.There’s no need to worry all the time; things generally work out pretty well.
17.Even when I fail at something, I don’t feel that I should be made to suffer for it.
18.If I can’t reach a goal, I’m usually persistent and don’t easily give up.
19.I don’t have to be perfect; I can usually accept “good enough”.
20.I respect others wishes even when they are different from mine.
21.I am more focused on doing what matters most than getting people to think well of me.
22.I’m usually able to sacrifice immediate gratification or pleasure in order to achieve a long-range goal.
23.I’m usually comfortable expressing my feelings to others when I want to.
24.I have been able to establish a life of my own, and am not overly involved with my parent(s) and their problems.
25.For much of my life, I have felt that I am special to someone.
26.I don’t need a lot of praise or compliments from others to feel that I’m a worthwhile person.
27.I’m usually relaxed about making decisions; I don’t worry that something terrible will happen if I’m wrong.
28.I feel confident that the people I’m close to won’t leave or abandon me.
29.I generally feel safe and secure — that nothing bad is going to happen to me (such as serious financial problems, illnesses, strangers hurting me, or catastrophic events).
30.For the most part, I have had someone who really listens to me, understands me, or is tuned into my true needs and feelings.
31.I usually stick to my resolutions.
32.When I have to go along with what others decide and can’t do what I want, I can accept it without continuing to try to get my way.
33.I trust that people won’t leave me, so I don’t act needy and drive them away.
34.I feel confident that I will have enough money to get by in the future and don’t worry about losing everything.
35.I am as capable as most other people in areas of work and achievement.
36.I don’t feel that my parent(s) are trying to live through me – they let me have a life of my own.
37.I am confident that most people I know will be loyal and not betray me.
38.I usually feel included in groups.
39.When I make mistakes, I usually go easy on myself and try to give myself the benefit of the doubt.
40.When it comes to showing my emotions, the people I care about see me as capable of being expressive and spontaneous.
41.I think of myself as an independent, self-reliant person, when it comes to everyday functioning.
42.I can be a good person and, at the same time, consider my own needs to be as important as those of others.
43.I’m as intelligent as most people when it comes to work (or school).
44.I generally feel as accepted by others as I want to be when I am around other people.
45.I feel confident about my ability to solve most everyday problems that come up.
46.The people who matter to me see me as capable of being open and comfortable showing my emotions.
47.I feel as much a part of groups as I want to be.
48.I’m as talented as most people are at their work.
49.I feel as connected as I want to be with other people.
50.In general, people have been there to give me warmth, holding, and affection.
51.When I ask someone for something and the answer is “no,” I’m usually comfortable accepting it without pushing to get my own way.
52.I work hard and also leave time for relaxation and fun.
53.I have realistic expectations of myself and usually feel OK about how I am doing.
54.What I think of myself matters more to me than what others think of me.
55.I know I can depend on the people closest to me to always be there for me.
56.While I enjoy doing things for the people I care about, I make sure I have time for myself too.

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